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For all your home comfort needs, we recommend Harned Durham Energy. They are located in Emmaus and have been serving the Greater Lehigh Valley for over 85 years. To schedule service, please call 610-965-3424.

Check Your Thermostat

Set the thermostat 5 degrees above the current room temperature. If you have a clock thermostat, check to make sure it is correctly timed.

Check Your Oil Tank

Make sure that you have oil in your tank and that the valve is open.

Check the Electric Switches and Restart the Heater

Make sure that all electric switches affecting your oil burner are in the ON position. Then, press or turn the recycling button, which may be located on the chimney stack or on the burner itself. IF THE HEATER RUNS FOR A MINUTE OR TWO AND THEN SHUTS OFF AGAIN, DO NOT PRESS THE RECYCLE BUTTON A SECOND TIME.

Check the Fuse

Check your burner switch box for a blown fuse. Replace with a new 15 amp fuse. Be sure to screw in tight.

Check the Water Level in Your Boiler

Some boilers are equipped with a low water cut-off. If the pressure or temperature is high, make sure that the water in the boiler is at the “water line” (usually about half way up the glass). If the water is low, open the water feed valve until the correct level is restored. Close the valve tightly.

Check Your Pressure Gauge or Thermometer (Hot Water Boilers)

If the pressure or temperature are high, the limit control may have turned off the burner. If this is the case, your burner should restart when the pressure or temperature drops.